Do You Need Help Updating Your WordPress Website?

Many people have the attitude that once their website goes live, it is ‘complete’. This attitude is dangerous and can stop a website from reaching its full potential. If you leave your website as it is and don’t update it regularly, then you’re missing a valuable opportunity

Here are ten great reasons to update your site regularly:

  1. Your content should evolve with your business
  2. Search engines reward sites that are updated regularly
  3. Keep making your website more effective
  4. Improve Conversions by regularly changing your calls to action
  5. Implement new research and best practices
  6. Adopt current web design trends
  7. Improve your website navigation over time
  8. Continually optimize your website
  9. Add SEO-friendly content
  10. Keep you website legally compliant

Ask me how I can help you update your website content on an ongoing basis so that you can keep it up to date and accurate.

Below you will find a list of commonly requested support services. If you do not find the service you’re looking for listed here please contact me.

Design Changes

Change your color scheme, or even modify your theme layout

Content Updates

Add (or update) posts and pages on you WordPress website

One-on-one User Training

Get help with the things that matter most to you with in-person training or email support.

Plugin Investigations and Configuration

Not sure how to accomplish something with your website? Tell me what you’re trying to do and I’ll point you in the right direction. I can install and configure your plugins for you

WooCommerce Store Setup and Configuration

I can install and configure your WooCommerce store for you.

Form Creation and Styling

Update the contact forms on your site or create custom forms for your business

Newsletter Setup & Integration

Get up and running with Mailchimp or Constant Contact. The choice is yours.

Blog Setup

Ready to add a blog to your site? I can help!

Google Analytics Setup & Tracking

Set up your GA account, establish goals and events, and perform other necessary tasks

5 Hours


10 Hours

  • 5% OFF Standard Hourly Rates

15 Hours

  • 10% OFF Standard Hourly Rates